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The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Smithville. At least it was with one young man on the night of Dec. 27. What he did was above and beyond anything most people would do.

My wife and I were returning from Round Rock, where we had spent the day with our daughter and grandkids. We stopped at Brookshire Bros. to gas up. When I got back in the car, it wouldn’t start. Apparently, the battery was dead. There was a young man at the next pump. I asked him if he had jumper cables. He did and volunteered to help jump start my vehicle. That proved to be futile. The battery was no longer functional. He then drove me to a local auto parts store, but it had already closed for the day. At that point, I began to think about who I might call in Hallettsville to pick us up. He then stated that he had a battery in another vehicle at his house which would fit my car. He said he lived about six miles south of Smithville, near Barton’s Creek. Although I didn’t expect him to do any more than he already had done to assist, he insisted. He left and returned a short time later with the battery, which he also installed.

Needless to say, we were overwhelmed with gratitude, not only for what he did for us. It’s nice to know that there still are human beings among us willing to go out of their way to help others, even total strangers. This young man has learned something that many older people never learn. That is, “to give of oneself in the service of others provides the utmost in rewards.”

This modest young man would probably like to remain anonymous, but he deserves recognition and praise for his unselfish deed. I will say that he drives a red pickup truck and lives near Barton’s Creek.

We will always remember him at Christmas time, and when we pass through Smithville. He is a credit to your community.

Jerry Janak


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