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CSCOPE curriculum was part of the discussions at the regular meeting of the the Smithville Independent School District board of trustees on March 25. The trustees heard from board member Mike Morgan regarding an anonymous letter he said he received, in opposition to CSCOPE.

“Anonymous letters – for me – are an irritant and do not help whatever cause they endorse,” Morgan declared.

Morgan said the letter cited seven issues regarding CSCOPE, the main opinion from the letter writer being that students were wasting their time taking tests.

(CSCOPE is a curriculum-management system that is set up to assist schools in meeting high standards for required TEKS and STAAR assessments.)

“We use it as a framework to ensure we cover the state requirements in the ‘scope’ and sequence from grade level to grade level,” said SISD superintendent Dr. Rock McNulty, in defense of CSCOPE. “Teachers do have the flexibility to choose either the suggested lesson, or one from another source. And the system does keep us on track as well as ensure that we teach and test on the higher thinking levels to properly prepare students’ knowledge levels.”

CSCOPE was developed in 2005-06 to help school districts meet the expectations of the ongoing changes in state-mandated standard assessments, such as the STAAR test, a more rigorous state testing and accountability system, according to the CSCOPE website.

“I believe there are errors in CSCOPE but I also believe that we need thoughtful assistance in identifying and correcting those issues as well as adapting the product to SISD,” Morgan said. “Public education is under assault and is measured in large part through the results of standardized test.”

In other businesses the board:

• Received the following information in the superintendent’s report: The district will be moving forward with the demolition of the dugout at the old baseball field that lost its roof due to high winds. McNulty is staying informed by Joe Cooper in the drilling of a water well behind the high school to offset the cost of water and sewage. McNulty said Cooper believes that the well will pay for itself in savings within five years. The well will be used for watering the athletic fields.

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• Reviewed the Staffing Pattern for 2013-2014. McNulty, along with other administrative staff, drafted a projection for recommended staffing. A motion was made by Samella Williams to approve the 2013-2014 staffing as presented. Mike Morgan seconded, and the motion carried, with Alan Hemphill opposing.

• Considered a nomination to fill vacancy on the Bastrop Central Appraisal District Board of Directors due to the resignation of Gene Sampson. The Bastrop Central Appraisal District is accepting nominations to fill the vacancy on the board. Samella Williams moved to nominate Bill Gordon to fill the vacancy and Alan Hemphill seconded.

We welcome your comments on our stories but will publish only those that do not violate our comment guidelines


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